Managing Director Message

Abfan Consulting Engineering Company was established in 1981 to realize the long-term objectives of the country and especially major development projects in the water industry. After 40 years of active and successful presence in the national and international markets, Abfan is now proud to have completed the study and design of many projects which are presently in operation or under construction; with about 200 staff, 100 of them graduated from renowned Iranian and international universities.

This Company has been able to respond to the requirements and expectations of its Clients and has attempted to complete the projects on time and within budget without compromise on quality.

Our nonstop endeavors have now gone successfully far beyond just water industry to include also tunnels, roads and environment in the national and international markets; to give us the best ever position at the service of our highly esteemed Clients.



About Us

Handful Water and Civil engineers in Tehran have established Abfan Company, an Iranian consulting engineers Co., in early 80s. Since then, this consulting firm has been engaged in the various fields of Water Engineering disciplines (study, design and supervision of Dam, Irrigation and Drainage Network and wastewater) and striving to deliver the best quality services to the eminent clients and Employers.

Over 40 years’ magnificent experience, Abfan Co. has provided different phases of studies, design and supervision on construction and achieved the level of performance that implements most complicated engineering solutions relevant to the fields of its qualifications.



Vision & Values

Abfan consulting engineers Co. believes fully in the principle of customer focus and always emphasizes on providing the best quality of work, value and time management in order to offer improved services to the principals and to obtain their satisfaction.

This Consultant Engineers constantly strives to offer services complying with the principal’s needs and expectations, while having continuous liaison with these respectful clients to be aware of their requirements.

Receiving appreciations tablets, excellent evaluation results, acknowledgement, certified quality management system based on ISO 9001 since 2001, assures this vision.

Quality improvement is the core requirement of the quality management systems of this consulting engineer.

The firm’s management uses technical knowledge, expertise engineers and up to date systems continually to improve the quality specification of design and supervision and committed to deliver quality services.

The processes of quality assurance and quality planning (considering the importance and expansion of work) based on the following qualifications and FIDIC guidelines in relation to quality management system.


Ranking of Abfan Consulting Engineers*:

  • Grade 1 in Project Management Services;
  • Grade 1 in Dam Construction;
  • Grade 1 in Irrigation & Drainage Network;
  • Grade 3 in Water & Sewerage System;
  • Grade 3 in Agricultural Studies.

*Based on ranking system of president’s deputy on strategic planning and supervision.




– American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE);

– Iranian Large Dams National Committee (IRCOLD);

– Iranian National Committee on Irrigation & Drainage (IRNCID);

– Iranian Rock Mechanic Association (IRMA);

– Iranian National Society of Consulting Engineers (IRNSCE);

– Iranian Tunnel Association (IRTA);

– Iranian Geo- technical Society (Soil-Mechanic Society).