Renovation of Bone Basht Lands

Client: Jahad Nasr Institute

Project Location: Located in East South of Behbahan, Behbahan-Zidon Road, Bone basht Region, Khoozestan Province.

Project main Components:

Area: 3000 Hectare

Lateral Pipe Length: 1350 Km

Hydration Tube Length (Main and Protection): 95 Km

Number of irrigation Blocks: 15

Number of Pumping Station: 15

Number of Pumps: 43 device

Drain Length: 40 Km

Length of Service Road for Channel or Pipeline: 112 Km

Length of Service Road for Drain: 20 Km

Lining: 3 Km

Project Objectives:

Design, Supply and Implementation of Pressurized Sub-Network  and Drainage for 3000 Hectare

Operation for 1 year