Embankment and Concrete Dams

With a long-standing involvement in supply of water, Abfan has studied, designed and supervised the construction of many dams. Abfan Co. has designed many different earth fill and rock-fill dams with clay core or concrete faces that also serve river regulation and irrigation purposes. In addition to supervising numerous earth-fill and rock-fill dams the company has gained extensive experience in design and supervision of large concrete dams (gravity dams, arch dams and buttress dams.)

Abfan have al­ways tried to use modern sci­ence in our design such as Geo-­synthetic to increase safety and efficiency of its projects.

Beside these, new generation of Gravity Dams named CMD by ICOLD including FSHD, CSG, RFC, CSD and etc. ,have been constructed and widely wel­comed by the engineers all over the world, and For the first time in Iran, four CMD’s are under construc­tion, which are designed, and now under supervision by Abfan co..